Question Bank Of Universal Human Values and Professional Ethics

This question bank is prepared from the book - "A FOUNDATION COURSE IN HUMAN VALUES AND PROFESSIONAL ETHICS" written by RR GAUR, R SANGAL and G P BAGARIA. The purpose of this question bank is to help students of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam University (UPTU) for their exam preparation. This is the original work done by me.

Short answer questions (2 marks each)
Define the following terms Values: Value means importance or the participation. The value of any unit in this existence is its participation in the larger order of which it is a part. E.g. value of a pen is that it can write.Human Values: The value of a human being is the participation of human being in this order. Hence to understand the human values, we need to understand the human reality along with all that is there in that existence constituting the larger order, and the role of human being in the relationship with each and every unit in the existence.Value Education: Character oriented education that instils basic valu…