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B.Tech. streams and there full forms

StreamsBranch      Branch                     Code                Name B.Tech       AE       Aeronautical Engg B.Tech       AG       Agricultural Enginering  B.Tech       AI        Applied Electronics & Instrumentation  B.Tech       AR       Architecture  B.Tech       AU       Automobile Engg B.Tech       BC       Bio Chemical Engineering  B.Tech       BE       Building Construction Technology  B.Tech       BM       Bio Medical Engineering  B.Tech       BP        Bachelor of Pharmacy  B.Tech       BT        Bio Technology  B.Tech       CA       Chemical & Alcohol Technology  B.Tech       CB       Chemical & Bio Engineering  B.Tech       CE       Civil Engineering  B.Tech       CH       Chemical Engineering  B.Tech       CI        Computer Engg. & Information Technology  B.Tech       CO       Computer Science  B.Tech       CR       Ceramic Technology  B.Tech       CS        Computer Science & Engineering  B.Tech       CT        Carpet Technology  B.Tech       EC        Electronics &…

Inventions, inventors, year and country- Part 2

1767 Spinning Jenny J.Hargreaves 1780 Watch (Self winding) Lewis Recordon 1801 Locomotive, Steam R.Trevithick 1816 Safety Lamp

GK Question With Answers

1. What programming language is GOOGLE developed in?

1.Google is written in Asynchronous java-script and XML, or its acronym Ajax .
2. What is the expansion of YAHOO?

2. Yet Another Hierarchy of Officious Oracle
3. What is the expansion of ADIDAS?

3. ADIDAS- All Day I Dream About Sports
4. Expansion of Star as in Star TV Network? 4. Satellite Television Asian Region
5. What is expansion of "ICICI?" 5. Industrial credit and Investments Corporation of India
6. Which is the only country that is surrounded from all sides by only one country (other than Vatican )? 6. Lesotho surrounded from all sides by South Africa .
7. Which is the only sport which is not allowed to play left handed? 7. Polo.
8. Who is the only man to have written the National Anthems for two different countries? 8. Rabindranath Tagore who wrote national anthem for two different countries one is our 's National anthem and another one is for Bangladesh- (Amar Sonar* *Bangla)
9. From what four word expression does …