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Is he a human or some one from heaven?

Just see his qualifications.


"The real art of conversation is not only to say the right thing at the right place, but to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment."
– Lady Dorothy Nevill

Top 8 Tips To Improve Your Personality by Jeff Cohen

Every person desires to improve his or her own personality. It is quite evident in the methods and processes that are being employed in order to accomplish this particular goal.  This is perhaps the reason why people buy new clothes or cut their hair. They improve their image and other things related to changing their appearances. Personality goes beyond external appearance. It includes dispositions, traits, qualities, speech, and other things innate in the person. Here are some tips in improving personality: 1.  Be interested in people. Try to discover what other people want. Know their likes, dislikes, interests, and beliefs. By doing this, you will be regarded as a person with an attractive and pleasing personality. 2. Assume that people like you. If you show the other person that you want people to talk to you, they will react to you with warmth. 3. Admit your weaknesses. Do not regard yourself as a perfect person. Just as persons have strengths, they also have their weaknesses. To im…

What should a C.V Do?

An effective C.V should be visually appealing. That means it should appear neat and orderly. It should be clear, concise and easy to read. The way, in which the information is presented on paper, goes a long way in creating a favorable first impression. §It must highlight your potential and value to an employer. §Provide a framework with which an interview can be designed. §Provide a vivid account of your achievements as a student and as a professional along with the skills you would bring to an organization, in case you are hired. §Although a C.V never ensures an employment, it should at least arouse the employer’s interest and get you an interview call.
Things to Remember

1.Make sure that you use very good quality paper for your C.V and the covering letter that goes with it.

2.Leave clear margins and be consistent while presenting your information.

3.It should be typed neatly.

4.Be brief and to the point. Do not use ‘ten’ words where ‘five’ will do. However substance should not be sacrificed…

Top Ten Tips For Increasing Concentration

1. Start assignments with some curiosity about the material and a positive attitude toward learning.
2. Designate a place where you go only to study. Use proper lighting.
3. Identify your distractions. Find ways to decrease them or to postpone them until study breaks (e.g., taking the phone off the hook, turning off instant messenger).
4. Decrease noises around you while studying. If you need some background music it should be soft. Keep the TV off.
5. Use "active study" techniques: sit straight in a chair at a desk, start out with questions about the material, outline chapters, underline key phrases after readinga section, write notes in margins, ask yourself what you have learned.
6. Divide your work into smaller manageable tasks that can be completed in a short period of time. Push yourself to complete one small task, then move on to the next task. Focus on one small task at a time.
7. Use times of peak alertness for studying difficult or less interesting topics. When you are t…



Inventions, inventors, year and country- Part 3

1785   Parachute F.Blanchard 1819  Stethoscope Laennec 1826 Camera (Photographic)  Joseph Nippce 1837 Photography, Black & White
Louis Daguerre 1852 Gyroscope L.Foucalt